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Bilder von @ Davide Zappettini photography @ können Sie auch als Wandbilder, d.h. Leinwandbilder (auf Keilrahmen gespanntes Bild) oder gerahmtes Bild mit individueller handgefertigter Rahmung bestellen.

@ Davide Zappettini photography @ - "a reproach...." un rimprovero....

"a reproach...." un rimprovero....

von @ Davide Zappettini photography @

Foto-Kunstdrucke, gerahmte Bilder, Glasbilder, Tapeten, Leinwandbilder
ab 10,45 €

Foto-Kunstdrucke ab 15cm x 15cm 10,45 €

Material und Größe frei wählbar


@ Davide Zappettini photography @

@ Davide Zappettini photography @

  • Lebt (lebte) in Italy

Black and whyte photographer of Italy based in Salsomaggiore (Parma)

Create a state of symbiosis with the subject is in my opinion the secret to a great shot and not the tecnique and the camera.

Many believe that a person is  beatiful in itself art.

They believe,in short, the fact that the beatiful must necessarily become beatiful artistic.

But it is not.


The art is a personal and unique vision.


I work  primarily  with reflex in black and white film and i always try

to take separate ways and never  stop on only one kind.

Personally i give a lot of importance at the framing of photos and i try to tell stories.....

sometimes with irony....


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