Gift coupon

You want to give a present in the form of a beautiful picture, but do not exactly know what the giftee fancies? Or you are short on time and do not have a gift yet?

Then just endow a gift coupon!
This ensures that the giftee gets exactly what he wants. After all he is able to choose it himself.

And if the gift is extremely urgent, you or the giftee may get the gift coupon in a couple of minutes.


It's your choice:

  • Gift coupon via mail to your address
  • Gift coupon via mail to the giftee
  • Gift coupon via E-mail to either you or the giftee

Bonus campaign!

If you acquire a gift coupon worth at least 100€ now, you are awarded an additional special coupon granting you a 10% rebate on your next purchase (shipping costs excluded, not possible during general rebate campaigns)!
With a gift coupon worth between 50 € and 100 € you are awarded a 5% special coupon!

Shopping made simple with our coupons

You place your order as usual; in the end, when you are prompted for your terms of payment, you just enter your coupon number. Our system automatically computes, if the credit on your coupon is sufficient or if you have to pay additionally.


(If you do not supply an E-mail address, the gift coupon will be delivered by mail.)